Biography: Diverse, Eclectic Careers Spurred Amir Landsman’s Success

As the founder and owner of a major financial-services company, Amir Landsman puts his financial acumen on the line everyday to ensure profitability and to provide reliable help to his corporate clientele. His experiences as a young man in the Israel Defense Forces prepared him well for the challenges he would face in the corporate world. As a member of Israel’s equivalent to the U.S. Navy SEALs, he underwent extensive training to take on the challenges and demands of this fast-paced military position.

His next major position was with Tnuva Ltd., a leading poultry production company in Israel. Amir was a regional sales manager for the firm and held responsibility for sales, marketing, budgeting and production forecasting for the southern region of Israel. In this role, he built lasting relationships with the farmers and merchants of the area and developed people skills that have served him well in his later career choices.

Landsman then moved around the world to New York City to accept a position with Denya Diamonds, a respected and reputable international diamond firm. In his role as the East Coast Sales Manager for Denya, he traveled extensively throughout New England and the southeastern states to represent the interests of Denya Diamonds and to promote sales and profitability for the company. He met with clients to pursue sales for Denya and managed stock inventory control, forecasting for future sales and accounts receivable.

In his current leadership role with a national financial-services firm, Amir Landsman works with small business owners and corporate leaders to help them manage temporary cash-flow difficulties. The company provides merchant cash advances to provide added flexibility for small businesses and other corporate entities that may be experiencing difficulty in today’s struggling economy. By working with him and his knowledgeable financial staff, these companies can explore added options for acquiring much-needed infusions of cash for their ongoing operations. An accomplished entrepreneur, his investment in this company has provided him with added financial flexibility to pursue his outside interests and charitable activities.

Amir Landsman is an avid world traveler and has visited many countries around the globe. His love for fine dining and for exploring new cuisines has led to some serious experimentation in the kitchen, earning him accolades among his friends and family. Indian, French and Korean cooking styles are particular favorites in the household. To keep fit, the whole family plays tennis and spends much of its leisure time enjoying a little friendly competition on the courts. He is also a music lover and has a particular fondness for the masterworks of Leonard Cohen and the stadium rock band Queen.

His charitable activities include contributions to SHARE Africa and to the Blacksmith Institute’s Blacksmith Benefit for India, an innovative environmental program that promotes safer and healthier development practices in this ecologically sensitive part of the world. By maintaining a healthy balance between the responsibilities of work, play, family and society, Amir ensures that he can enjoy every aspect of his life to the fullest.