Boosting Your Business With Online Marketing

In his role as a business owner, Amir Landsman has been presented with numerous challenges and opportunities. One of the most important elements of success today is effective promotion in the online marketplace. Search engine optimization (SEO) strategies can deliver higher page rankings for corporate websites with major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. By creating fresh and compelling content that incorporates relevant and popular keywords, companies can often achieve a higher degree of saturation in their local markets and can position themselves effectively for improved profitability and increased traffic to their online sites.

Search engine companies employ advanced algorithms to determine the organic page rankings for each site they analyze. Organic page rankings cannot be bought and are the result of automated evaluation using a specific set of criteria. While the exact weighting and nature of these criteria is not known, most search engines rank websites higher if they feature fresh and original content, if they are directly relevant to the search terms entered by the user and if they offer factual information rather than simply consisting of advertisements and promotional language.

Paid placements, by contrast, typically are charged on a per-click basis and are not dependent on search engine rankings. Targeted advertisements designed for specific geographical locations, demographics or interest groups can be a good way to jump-start an online marketing campaign and can create buzz with potential clients in the Internet community. These low-cost advertising strategies can often give companies the competitive edge they require to achieve a higher degree of success.